Specialty Fitness

Specialty Fitness Programs

Massage Therapy

Laura Alexander is open to members and non-members at the Hilliker YMCA for Massage Therapy! Massage improves joint mobility, eases pain, relaxes the nervous system and tense muscles, and increases vitality, energy, and mental awareness.

Rates for Member and Non-Members:

30 Minute Session: $25

60 Minute Session: $45

3 60 Minute Sessions: $120

Gift Certificates are Available!

Contact: Laura Alexander

C: 937-539-0228

Personal and Group Pilates

Basic Group Pilates

Learn the fundamental positions all while strengthening your abdominal and back muscles. Flexibility and proper positioning will be emphasized.

Pilates Personal Training
*each session runs 30 minutes followed by several minutes of stretching and muscle release.

1. Private exercise session utilizing a Pilates Reformer table and all its components while using one’s own body weight as resistance. Training is customized to individual needs and includes extensive benefits in flexibility, joint mobility, core strength, balance and posture.

2. Private Mat Pilates sessions focus on integrating the entire body without use of weights. Using only body weight and gravity, the training will tone, strengthen and lengthen the whole body all while stabilizing the “powerhouse” or core muscle groups.

Personal Training

Whether you need help staying on track for a weight loss goal or you have an event you are training for, our certified Personal Trainers are sure to create a workout just for you. During each session you will meet 1 on 1, or with a buddy, with a trainer for an hour to ensure you are getting the most out of your time.

Contact: Darren Daulton


Right Start

​Offered to our members who have joined since the beginning of 2017, this is a program where you can meet with our Wellness Coach and Fitness Coordinator to keep you on a healthy lifestyle track during your first months with the YMCA.

Contact: Alisha Ferguson